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Tantric Deluxe is a special, VIP massage, the 'all in one' exclusive treatment.


All about You. All about quality. All about intimacy. All about pleasure. 



This is the 'royal flush' of my therapies. To make you feel warm, I bring an oil heater to let you experience the luxury spa in the comfort of your home or hotel room. The warmth of the massage oil during our treatment will give you an extra comfortable feeling.


This one is a fully nude, body-to-body massage, starting with a classic therapeutic Swedish massage, I am using a special rub cream to release the tension of your muscles first. I want to release all your daily stress and make space for the physical-spiritual-emotional pleasures through Tantra.


During the second part of the session, I will give you a smooth, sensual Lomi Lomi Massage using an aphrodisiac (or love scent)  that increases libido for your absolute pleasure.


In the third part of the session I am giving you cuddles, then a full body-to-body massage, an extraordinary Lingam massage and all of the extras can be included/mixed into our bodywork until you are able to take my touch.


In Tantric Deluxe gentle mutual massage is allowed to exchange good energies for the full extra, step-by-step tantric experience.


 This is the highest level of luxury enjoyment possible in town.



For top gentlemen. BOOKINGS IN ADVANCE ONLY.



         £200/60 min                          £300/90min                            £360/2hours









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