What is Tantric Delight? 

Tantric Delight is a fantasy name to explain an upgraded version of the Tantric Touch massage session.

What is the difference between Tantric Touch and Tantric Delight?

Both of them is a fully nude body-to-body tantric massage with an amazing, boosting Lingam massage at the end of the session. But, Tantric Delight is being offered/spiced up with one of the extras tailored to your fantasies. It's a high-level enjoyment.

So again, you receive a refreshing Swedish massage at the beginning of the session. 

We both are naked and our bodies are covered with massage oil.

During the session, I am going to involve my body parts and start rubbing them towards

your body slowly and smoothly to get connected and increase your libido with a very sensual

Lingam massage by my hands. 

Before we start your session we can discuss what type of extra you would like to get 

included which makes your tantric session absolutely delightful.

You can add one of the extras to your tantric massage session below:

-    Double Pleasure   (you can ejaculate 2 times during one session)

-    Prostate Massage  (special male G-spot stimulation from inside)

-    Assisted Shower  (I can come to the bathroom with you and give you a wash all over, and of                                           course, you can wash me all over too)

-    Fancy Dress  (I can bring sexy lingerie, stockings if you wish me to see in them)

-   Mutual Massage  (We can swap our positions during the session and you will be able to                                                   massage my naked body all over with oil)

Doesn't it sound exciting?  Think about it and let me know if you're ready to receive  this 

amazing massage and you would like to have a discreet and great time without strings attached.


       £170/60min            £230/90min            £280/120min