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Welcome to my site!



If you are reading this, probably you are looking for quality.

Let me introduce myself shortly.



I am a London-based, fully qualified, independent mobile massage therapist - offering Basic massages and Premium premium full-body treatments for Gentlemen, looking for a special way to relax. 

This is an OUTCALL service in zone1-3, home or hotel visits. 


I am in my early 30's, Scandinavian, English speaker lady with blonde hair, sophisticated look, blue eyes, curves at the right places. I have a neverending passion to make you feel released and to share my healing energies with you. I was born to feel the energies of the people around me and choose the best treatment that suits your exact needs.


I've finished in a medical college as a General Nurse and Medical Assistant. After I've moved to the United Kingdom to continue my studies at the Academy of Beauty Training. I used to work for incall massage parlors before in London (Bayswater, Chiswick, Notting Hill), but I realized my skills are slightly different to spend my valuable time at incall places with rude conditions.  I believe the quality service is the most important (instead of quantity of clients) in the industry and I am not a 'stay in one place'  kind of mindset, so I opened my wings and started my independent mobile practice in 2016 as a Swedish-Aromatherapy Massage Therapist, Aesthetic Therapist, Spiritual Bodyworker.


The same year, I've applied and finished a Holistic massage and a Tantric sensual massage course and a Relationship&Intimacy workshop.  During my therapies, I am using all of my skills to make you feel released, comfortable and to achieve a remarkable full body experience.


I love music, sports, travel, arts, good food, sharing good energies. The most wonderful is in my job: being able to touch other lives trough bodyworks.


I am a feminine, genuine girl, I used to be a glamour photo model before and to be in good shape, being well-organized and confident are very important to me. It comes with a chilled mindset, patience, hygiene, a good sense of humor, 5+ years experience, professional skills (such as English language, medical background, and CIBTAC/level4 certificates).  



I believe I can make people understand how interpersonal connections are important in our lives, to make us feel that we are humans, we are able to connect to each other through bodyworks. I am able to give you a physical and spiritual boost, release your daily stress with my special, caring luxury treatments in the comfort of your home or hotel room. 



You can be sure of that, you are going to be in good hands and you're going to get the best treatment in town. What else could be better than booking a professional, relaxing, full body massage session to release your daily stress?


Your discretion is important to me - I am going to arrive at your location in a casual outfit as your physiotherapist, bringing you special chill-out/relaxation music and my positive energies and a big smile to make your body and soul rest during your treatment.


You are going to receive a full physical-emotional boost and after your session, you will feel recharged. Are you ready?


I am here to help you chill.


If you have any further questions, feel free to call, text or WhatsApp me.




Thanks for reading.



























































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My Vision:



The Emotional Power of Touch




The emotional impact of interpersonal touch is ingrained in our biology. A full body massage, a sensual caress, or a loving hug - interpersonal touch has a powerful impact on our emotions. In fact, our skin contains receptors that directly elicit emotional responses, through stimulation of erogenous zones or nerve endings that respond to pain. 


The soothing effects of touch likely remain important in adulthood. There is growing evidence that touch from a romantic partner buffers us against stress. Touch may smooth social interactions and help people bond with others, people may feel unnerved when others get too familiar with them in a purely professional setting.


The more we learn about touch, the more we realize just how central it is in all aspects of our lives—cognitive, emotional, developmental, behavioral—from the womb into old age. It’s no surprise that a single touch can affect us in multiple, powerful, ways.


Read more about my massages, select one of them, and feel my magical touch.




I DO NOT offer sexual services, but professional full body massages.



If you have any questions about my treatments or availability, feel free to WhatsApp me on 07848 168960

I don't have a receptionist, you're going to book with me.




If I'm not able to take your call (can happen when I'm doing treatment or during my travel (on the underground where no signal) please send me a text message or find me on WhatsApp. As soon as I have a chance I'm gonna read&reply. If you don't have a booking in advance, I can not guarantee same day bookings. 



I provide 60-90-120minutes treatments, tailored to your needs.


I believe in good energies&premium quality customer service.







Are you ready for it?















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