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Prostate massage therapy


Prostate massage (male G-spot)  therapy is the practice of massaging the male prostate either for medical or therapeutic reasons. The use of prostate massage therapy is anecdotally supported by a range of conditions. These conditions include erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis.


If you haven't yet discovered the world of sexual prostate massage, you have been missing out on the sex of your life.

That's quite a statement, but know that your prostate is your key to the best sex ever. Why? Because the prostate is designed to optimize your sexual function. That little prostate gland has a world of functions but its secret is the best sex possible.


Doing sexual prostate massage stimulates both the prostate itself and the prostate erection nerves. Knowing how to do a sexual prostate massage is the key to your intense pleasure. The first step is to understand sex and prostate health. If you have a prostate condition then it is even more essential that your massage is gentle. The stimulation caused by a prostate massage is very beneficial to your prostate as it moves stagnant fluids out of the prostate, often called prostate milking, and increases blood flow.


During a prostate massage, the person performing the massage will insert a gloved, lubricated finger into your rectum. They’ll gently press on, or massage, the prostate for several minutes.The massage might be uncomfortable for a few seconds, but it shouldn’t be painful. During lingam massage you will feel at least 3 times intensive orgasm. How frequently you have a prostate massage is up to you and your therapist.


In the meantime, with this type of sexual stimulation by your therapist, you will experience an orgasm like no other. The duration will be longer and the amount of ejaculate will be greater. Both combined will bring a huge smile to your face!

Your prostate is a sensitive gland and needs light stimulation for its incredibly pleasurable results, you deserve.


How to prepare for PROSTATE MASSAGE


Try clearing your stomach at the toilet and after have a great hot shower, before your therapist arrives. Clean the anus area and inside properly. Sit back, relax and let your therapist do the rest...




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