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Sensual Touch




One of the most useful sense-oriented activities for enhancing sexual enjoyment is a series of touching exercises called sensate focus. This technique a basic step in treating sexual problems or releasing stress in a natural, enjoyable way. It can be helpful in reducing anxiety caused by goal orientation and increasing communication, pleasure and closeness. In the sensate focus touching exercises, the therapist and client take turns touching each other while following some essential guidelines. In the following descriptions, we assume that the one doing the touching is a woman and the one being touched is a man.


Main rules, which might include the following:


๏‚ท You accept that you will be in focus during the session as a receiver

๏‚ท Establish in your mind, you are going to be naked and your therapist will give you sensual massage partly unclothed 

๏‚ท Choose a location where you both will be comfortable and don't forget about personal hygiene

๏‚ท Your therapist will turn off the lights and play soft music you both enjoy

๏‚ท Your therapist will use organic oils, scented oils, lotions to lubricate your skin for your best pleasure

๏‚ท Tell your feelings to your therapist, what feels good and what does not.


Sensual massage includes touching the genitals by the therapist which are discussed in the sensate focus section. Begin with Swedish massage to relax your muscles and comfort you. With the hands well lubricated, the giver begins with the legs, then strokes the thighs,  bum, back, shoulders, and neck.  Then you will be asked to turn over, the therapist will continue your session on your front, explore your full body and genitals with gentle, sensuous touches for your complete relief and relaxation. Gentle mutual touch is allowed towards your therapist. Sensual massage is a reminder of the body tenderly and is attentive to your entire feelings. 


Goals of the touching exercise include:

๏‚ท to show dedication to the enrichment of your self-esteem

๏‚ท to express in new ways needs and desires

๏‚ท to find out how to do you like being touched

๏‚ท to explore new patterns of pleasuring that do not always have to be sexual

๏‚ท to help to keep your long-term relationship without cheating your partner

๏‚ท to reduce the fear of physical changes of aging






Sensual massage is the use of massage techniques by a person on another person's erogenous zones to achieve or enhance their sexual excitation or arousal and to achieve orgasm. Massages have been used for medical purposes for a very long time, and their use for erotic purposes also has a long history. In the case of men, the focal area is the male genitals


Today, erotic massage is used by some people on occasion as part of stress-relief or sex therapy. There is also a large commercial erotic massage industry in some countries and cities like in here in the metropolis of UK. 


During  SENSUAL TOUCH massage, you're going to receive a full body relaxing Swedish massage at the first half of your session, starting on your legs, thighs, bum, lower back, upper back, neck, and shoulders. At the second half of your session, you're going to be asked to turn over, then you're going to receive massage on your legs and thighs and a great view of your topless masseuse. When she has been relaxed your muscles, she will continue giving you a smooth,  pleasureful lingam massage by her magic hands.


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