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Definition: Lingam massage is a part of Tantric massage that primarily focuses on the male genitalia. Some analysts posit that the purpose of Lingam massage is to awaken one's kundalini, an Enlightenment-related energy of the Universe.



What is Lingam Massage?


In Tantra, the Lingam is a Sanskrit word for male genitalia. It literally translates to ‘wand of light.’ In Tantric philosophy, the lingam is approached with love, care, and respect. It is considered an instrument through which pleasure and sexual energy can be channeled by a professional Masseuse. Since males are often the sexual performers in the majority of cultures, a Tantric Lingam Massage allows the male to experience pure gratification and sensual pleasure without the worry of pleasing his partner.


Ironically ejaculation is not the main aim. The objective is to encourage the male to fully relax and be receptive to a form of attention that is new to him. It is a veritable celebration of the senses and allows men to relinquish their control and allow the masseuse to take full control of the entire journey. The main aim of the Lingam Massage is to release stress and provide the male recipient with immense pleasure. There is often a lot of sexual energy trapped within a man’s genitals, so the expert touch of an elite masseuse can stimulate and re-channel this sexual energy.





How is Lingam Massage?


It has been described as feeling like there are rising waves that then crash down, building and building with ever growing intensity and delight. As this energy builds up, it is held deliciously before being allowed to disperse and spreads over the entire body.

What makes a lingam massage a profound experience is a way your body accepts the feelings of pleasure while also being in a state of total surrender. Lingam massage is spiritual, not just sexual. When done professionally you can experience a complete sense of liberation and freedom for your mind as well as your body, surrender to the joy that comes with sharing the ritual. You should release yourself, surrender to your masseuse, and choose to be completely passive in your role, but also be fully conscious and aware of the various sensations rolling through your body.


While this massage is designed to be healing and spiritual, physical shivering might occur as Kundalini energy pulsates and releases in the recipient. Enjoy these pleasurable shockwaves, immerse yourself in the sensations. It is common for the arousal of the lingam (penis) to occur in the recipient of this massage, and so climax or orgasm may occur during the process. These sensual levels of energy where prana is then free to flow without resistance, creating an air of new energy in are welcomed. You are invited to experience the very best Lingam massage available in London. Contact me or book online to release yourself and heal yourself and find a spiritual experience awaits you.





Benefits of Lingam Massage  โ€‹


The benefits of such massage therapy are huge and it has been proven that on a psychological, cerebral and physical level, issues can be healed. A Lingam massage heals sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and impotence which affect many men today. As a result, a man’s self-esteem rockets and he has more confidence when it comes to performing with his partner in the bedroom. Other benefits include improved sleep, improvement in blood circulation, eliminating pent-up tension as well as noticeable improvements in ejaculatory control which is most definitely a confidence booster for every man. As you can tell, it is a very empowering form of adult massage therapy.


I have fused the fine art of bodywork techniques with the Lingam Massage. My super sensual, therapeutic massage, soft, soothing touch, Tantra teachings and nude body to body massage to bring you to a meditative state of ethereal bliss. An explosion of the senses, a tsunami of excitement. I am celebrated for providing the most indulgent lingam massage London has to offer! By channeling the sexual flow of energy and pleasure through the lingam, you can get lost in your senses. Lingam massages are all about sensual enlightenment and a grand celebration of the bodily senses. The aim is to build up the recipient’s arousal slowly and seductively which will free your mind from the pressures of life.



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