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How to quit your busy mind with a peaceful massage



Massage can help to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body

  • create a feeling of well-being and enhanced self-esteem

  • promote positive body awareness and an improved body image through relaxation

  • ease emotional trauma through relaxation

Massage seems to increase the level of available serotonin, producing an overall sense of calm. The stimulation of natural chemicals in our bodies to support our overall sense of physical and mental well being provides a strong case to consider remedial massage as part of your regular body maintenance program. 


Spirituality is a part of our life. Spirituality, gentle care, and touch can provide inner strength, comfort, peace, wellness, and wholeness and can enhance coping for individuals recovering from illness and physical, mental or/and emotional tiredness.





Why my therapy services are different?

I provide BASIC therapeutic massages such as Classic Swedish full body massage or Relaxing Aromatherapy full body massage.


If you're into intimacy, then PREMIUM massages are for you, to turn classic relaxing services to a different level of massage experience with the spice of sensual elements and tantric rituals.

If you would like to spend more time on relaxing moments and physical pleasures, I have ADVANCED MASSAGE RITUALS for a longer period of time. During these rituals, we can discuss your wishes and the whole session can be tailored to your needs and make our time a special, remarkable, unforgettable experience.


I am a fully qualified massage therapist and tantric practitioner. Instead of escort services, I provide strictly non-sexual, but erotic sessions with a limitation. I don't do fetish or BDSM or domination, please do not bother to ask. 


Read more about sensual and tantric massages in Therapy Services.





Booking Step-By-Step






Read about massages, prices and select which one would suit your needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to text me, I'm gonna explain all of my services via text/WhatsApp message.




Text/WhatsApp me your FULL ADDRESS & POSTCODE and ESTIMATED TIME OF MY ARRIVAL. If you're in a hotel, I would need your room number to come up straight. If the hotel lifts need a keycard, we meet each other in the lobby. 



I'd need to know about and get prepared for your appointment at least SAME DAY, 2-3 hours earlier OR PLEASE MAKE YOUR BOOKING IN ADVANCE.


It can happen I'm doing a session or traveling, can not pick up my phone and speak with you. As soon as possible I will check my phone and send a response text. Be aware of that usually, I can't take 'short notice' bookings as I AM A SCHEDULE-BASED THERAPIST.


3. Wait for my response and confirmation text/WhatsApp message


4. Get ready for CASH ONLY upfront payment.




Have a refreshing shower and get ready with 2 big towels and prepare your mindset for my touching hands all over your body, on top of that to receive the best luxury treatments in town. To deserve well.


I'm going to arrive with GPS help and a 'girl next door' look and full discretion. You don't have to worry about neighbors, porter, concierge, etc. as I'm your professional physiotherapist. This is London, home/mobile services are popular, well-known procedures. 






Please use your callerID when contacting me. 






Due to the number of calls and my schedule I am not able to pick up calls all the time. Be kind, to send me a text or WhatsApp message. As soon as possible I'm going to reply.



There are days when unfortunately I am not able to give a same-day appointment.


 I do appreciate it if you book in advance. 


In that way, I can guarantee my arrival.








1. I am offering services between zone 1-4 London, this is an outcall only mobile massage service, you can not come to my place.


2. I am not accepting calls without your caller ID or landline numbers as I can't recognize you or respond to your questions via text message.


3. I am not going to visit you in your office or a shared apartment. For my luxury services shower facilities, a bed, towels, and a calm atmosphere needed.

This service for home and hotel visits.


4. There is no half an hour service, no offers or negotiable deals and I am not offering overnights or travel companions.


5. Hotel bookings - I will confirm your appointment ONLY if you are sharing your room number on top of the hotel name and full address with me. 


6. YES, I am the one in the pictures. 100% genuine.


7. Finally, please consider before booking:

  - if you're sending a fake/incorrect address

  - if you don't understand the Booking Guide

  - if you lack the English language

  - if you're inviting me to a dangerous area of London

  - if you're talking to me rude without respect

  - if you're wishing for a service that I am not offering


I have the right to say NO to your booking and not to confirm.

NO need for drama, thanks.


But safety, comfortable conditions, shower facilities to provide quality service = yes.



Thanks for reading.




Phone/WhatsApp me:


07848 168960


My phone is open from 10 am every day



Do you have any questions?


E-mail me: